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Flower Beds Parc Calon Lan

The summer bedding plants have now been removed from the 3 beds at Parc Calon Lan and replanted for winter.




Public Meetings for Each Ward 1st and 7th November 2018 

The Community Council is holding four public consultation meetings, 1 in each ward.  Bettws and Llangeinor's are being held on 1st November in Bettws Life Centre and the Richard Price Centre and Pontycymer and Blaengarw's are being held on 7th November in Pontycymer OAP Oxford Street and Blaengarw Workmen's Hall.  Come along and let us know your views, they will be informal drop-in sessions with a cuppa.  The consultation survey is attached  here .  Full details are attached

Halloween Treasure Hunt 

The Council's Events Committee have organised a Halloween Treasure Hunt for children of all ages.   See the entry form here  and full details attached

Daffodil Planting for Spring 2019 

Once again in 2019 the Community Council is committed to increasing the daffodil display throughout the valley to brighten up your environment and have purchased 7 x  25 kg sacks of bulbs.  They will be planted across all 4 wards and some of our councillors have already been out planting; the rest will be planted  in the next few weeks. 

 Community Warden   

Our Community Warden is absent at the moment and we would be grateful if you could please help the Community Council by reporting any Parc Calon Lan or Pontycymer Lake issues to the Clerk or one of your ward Community Councillors. We have put temporary cover in place to cover grass cutting, litter bin emptying and dog waste bag dispenser refilling. It would really help us during this time if you could ensure  you place your litter in the bins.  Thank you.

Teddy Bear's Picnic Parc Calon Lan

Saturday 18th August 11.00 am to 2.00 pm - further details to follow. 

Management of Japanese Knotweed in the Garw Valley

Please see the latest information here 

Further Maintenance in Llangeinor

The Community Warden has recently carried out some further maintenance work in Llangeinor, clearing the area around the Miner's Lantern, the steps and the weeds from the sides of the road at the crossroads near the Richard Price Centre.


 Algae Pontycymer Lake 

 The algae on the lake has been analysed by Natural Resources Wales, and we can confirm that it is not the blue/green toxic algae which has recently been in the press.

Visitor Centre Parc Calon La

Our councillors  will once again this year be opening the Centre on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer holiday period.  Refreshments will be available. 

Portraits at Bettws Primary School 

The Bettws Community Councillors have recently purchased portrait frames to decorate the new School Board Room with portraits of past Community Council school governors.


New Noticeboard Blaengarw Ward 

Look out for our new noticeboard in Blaengarw, it's on the side of the WEXA.  We will be using one side to publish our agendas, minutes, notices etc. and the other side is for the Community's use.  If you'd like to put up a community notice please contact Councillor Sorrel Dendy on: 07707683559


New Flower Beds Parc Calon Lan

 Our new flower beds in the Parc, made and planted by the Community Warden,  are now looking wonderful.





Maintenance Work in the Llangeinor Ward

Our Community Warden has recently carried out some community maintenance work in Llangeinor, strimming and scraping 'the stack' from Braich y Cymmer to Pont y Rhyl. 

Maintenance Work in the Bettws Ward

Our Community Warden has recently carried out some community maintenance work in Bettws, cutting grass at the two stone Bettws signs and the village green.


 Gavin Hodges Football Festival, Bettws

 The Bettws Ward of the Garw Valley Community Council  are pleased once again this year to have been able to support this festival which took place on 30th June 2018. Hundreds of people attended the event to take part in the football competition as well as visit the stalls and amusements and watch the displays.

Over £5,000 was raised for local charities contributing to a total of £26,000 that has been raised to date.   We are grateful to the Hodges family for continuing to organise this event.

Defibrillator, Pontycymer 

The Community Council are delighted to have funded the installation of a 24 hour accessible defibrillator and AED outside Pontycymer Police Station.


Bench painted

The Community Warden is continuing to carry out a schedule of maintenance throughout the valley.   One recently completed job was the paining of a bench and laying chippings at Pont Lake.

 Cleaning Out Pont Lake

The Community Warden has been busy cleaning out rubbish from Pont Lake. Several trailers full of items were removed including a table.  See the photo below of some of the items removed including tyres and a microwave.  



New Dog Waste Bin and Dog Waste Bag Dispenser at Pontycymmer Rugby Field

 The Community Council has purchased and installed a new dog waste bin and dog waste bag dispenser at Pontycymmer Rugby Field.


Daffodil Displays 

Once again this year the Community Council has added to the displays of daffodils in each ward.   Bulbs were added this year to areas in Lluest, Pontycymer, Pantygog and Bettws with new displays added in Shwt, Outside Dan y Mynydd in Blaengarw, opposite the Co-op in Pontycymer, Waunbant and on Bridgend Road.

New Litter Bin outside the shops on Bettws Road

The Community Council has just purchased and installed a new litter bin outside the shops on Bettws Road.  

Mini Olympage - Pontycymer Leisure Centre

A fun day of trying out different games and activities is being held on 24th April from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm at the Leisure Centre.  The organisers are looking for teams of 6 people aged over 60.  To register a team or to ask about the free door to door transport tel: 01656 815254

 Draught Busting Workshop

A Draught Busting Workshop is taking place at Halo Leisure Centre, Pontycymer on 27th March 2018, for further information and to book your place see here 

Logs for Sale

The Community Council are trialling the sale of logs, for further details please see here 

 New Dog Litter Bin near Pontycymer Lake

The Community Council has just purchased and installed a new dog litter bin on the path behind the Co-op in Pontycymer.

Dog Waste Bin Pontycymer 

Tree and Landscape Maintenance 

Pulling out fallen trees with the quad bike

Pulling Out Fallen Trees 

Leylandii tree removal along the river bank

Leylandii Tree Removal River Banks 

 Bramble cut down Llangeinor

Bramble Cut Down Llangeinor 

 Tree maintenance Shwt

Tree Maintenance Shwt 

 New Dog Waste Bin Bettws

The Community Council has purchased and installed a new dog litter bin near the shops in Bettws.

Dog Waste Bin Bettws 

 Dog Waste Bins and Dog Waste Bag Dispensers

 The Community Council has purchased and installed many new dog waste bag dispensers and dog waste bins throughout the Garw Valley

Braich y Cymmer Park 

Dog Waste Bag Dispenser Braich y Cymmer Park 


 Dog Waste Bag and Dispenser Llangeinor

Pantygog Park 

 Dog waste bag and bin Pantygog

Signage and Life Rings  

The Community Council has purchased and installed new water safety signage and life rings for both Pontycymer and Parc Calon Lan lakes

Lake Sign 

Life Ring GVCC 

Rights of Way Work Throughout the Garw Valley

Bettws to Bryngarw 

Footpath Bettws to Bryngarw 



Llangeinor to Bettws 

 Llangeinor to Bettws

 Braich y Cymmer

 Braich y Cymmer


RoW Pont y Rhyl 

 Autumn Daffodil Planting Throughout the Garw Valley


Blaengarw Daffodil Planting 


Shwt Daffodil Planting 


Daff Planting Lluest