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Clerk – Please contact Ann Harris
Address:  Clerk, Garw Valley Community Council, PO Box 377, Bridgend CF31 9PS
Telephone number: 07944673642
Email: clerkgarwvalleycc@gmail.com

Chair: Councillor Rod Shaw        Vice-Chair:  Councillor Sorrel Dendy

Cllr J Davies

Bettws Community Club, Heol Dewi Sant, Bettws CF32 8TA                       

Cllr M Jones       Langdale, 3 Nicholls Road, Coytrahen CF32 0EP    01656 729383
Cllr R JonesCarreg-y-Lliw, Heol Bradford, Bettws, Bridgend CF32 8TG 07528792190
Cllr C Lloyd Brynna House, Bettws Road, Bettws CF32 8TA 07528177772
Cllr R Shaw    9 Gloucester Buildings, Pantygog CF32 8DW       07734479732

 Cllr R Stirman

 1 Stable Lane, Pantygog CF32 8DQ                                roz@stablelane.uk 



Cllr R Clatworthy

10 Bryn Bedw Street, Blaengarw CF32 8AE           councillor.ryan.clatworthy@gmail.com  

Cllr H Grifffiths

11 Church Street, Pontycymmer CF32 8LB                    brynmyfyr@supanet.com 

01656 870530
Cllr G Walters        9 St David's Street, Pontycymmer CF32 8LT 01656 870955
Cllr C Gillard-Sage 22 Bridgend Road, Pontycymmer CF32 8GH 07973404597

Cllr G Andrews                            2 Pretoria Street, Blaengarw, CF32 8BH 01656 870047
Cllr S Dendy 3 Mount Pleasant, Blaengarw CF32 8AL 07707683559
Cllr M Thomas 1 Railway Terrace, Blaengarw CF32 8AT 01656 871439

  9 Councillors are members of the Labour Party & 4 Councillors are Independent members 

The Finance and Resources Committee is made up of the following Members:

Cllr J Davies (Chair of Committee)    
Cllr G Andrews  - Blaengarw Ward   
Cllr J Davies  - Bettws Ward
Cllr H Griffiths - Pontycymmer Ward 

Cllr R Stirman - Llangeinor Ward

 The Staff Appointments Committee is made up of the following Membersand also acts as the Disciplinary Committee :

Cllr H Griffiths  (Chair of Committee)   
Cllr G Andrews - Blaengarw Ward
Cllr H Griffiths - Pontycymmer Ward    
Cllr C Lloyd - Bettws Ward

Cllr R Stirman - Llangeinor Ward  

 The Events Committee is made up of the following Members:

Cllr Ryan Clatworthy (Chair of Committee)
Cllr S Dendy - Blaengarw Ward
Cllr R Clatworthy = Pontycymmer Ward
 Cllr R Jones - Bettws Ward
 Cllr R Stirman - Llangeinor Ward